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Message & Greeting


FB Industrial Co., Ltd., which is founded in 1951, have been manufacturing and handling friction materials, gland packing, gaskets as a specialist.
Our everlasting mission statement since foundation is that we always pursue reliability and precision required at workshop.
"FINE BEST" brand has a conception of Industrial sealing products. Friction materials, gland packing, thermal insulator of FINE BEST brand are respected very much for the harmony with originality and overseas high technology, and keep on supporting the prosperity somewhere in the world.
Human life depends on many materials. While industrial economic society of the world is varying largely at a dizzy speed and also demands for the market is expanding still more, we do raise a relationship of mutual trust with customers and make efforts not only to develop new products with the fertile creativity to various industrial fields for coming demands, but also to advance positively the realization of comfortable and fruitful society.
We ask for your continued support and encouragement as we do devote ourselves to meet customer's expectation and reliance from now on.