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RE: Earthquake in North-Eastern Japan
We offer the silent prayer for the soul of the victims and express deep sympathy for many families and people strucked by Earthquake and ensuing Tsunami occurred on March 11th. 2011.
We hope this situation will improve soon and some kind of normality will return to the lives of everybody.
Sincerely yours.
President and all our staff
Design of the Label for FB#1350WS was newly changed
Label of FB#1350WS is made new since 01st Oct. 2010.

Blue color used in it is imaging the sea.
FB#1350WS / HB Brake Linings have gained IMPA code. We have been developing and studying Asbest-Free Brake Lining with a long experience and accumulated skill for 57 years since the foundation as a manufacturer supplying Friction Materials.
We have left a lot of achievements to export FB#1350 WS/HB over the world as well as domestic , and to deliver for Ship builders , Ship management companies, Deck machinery makers , Shipchandlers and etc.
FB brand Brake Linings were appeared in the world-authoritative catalog for ship ( Marine Store Guide ) this time. Asbestos Free FB#1350WS IMPA Code No.81-16-76 Asbestos Free FB#1350HB IMPA Code No.81-16-76
To develop the clean marine brake lining, we have been improving the quality of products and the skill day by day.
with best regards,