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These are our main GLAND PACKING products. If you have further product information in details, please contact us.


PTFE-Impregnated Asbestos ZERO Braided Packing
Diagonal braided chemical packing made of inorganic fiber and special fiber processed by synthetic composite yarn technology we have developed, impregnated with PTFE-Dispersion and unique lubricant.
#4147 is without lubricant.
Temperature : -100+280
Fluids suitable : Water, Seawater, Alkali, various oils , etc.
Applications : Rotary pumps, Machinery at Pulp & paper mills , Refinery, etc.
G-special Flexible Graphite Braided Packing
Our original packing braided by graphite yarn changed from pure expanded graphite ribbon. As a strong point, easy to install and can be used for pumps & valves for a long term.
Temperature: -200+650
Fluids suitable : High temperature steam, Hydrocarbon, Gas, Alkali, Heating medium, etc.
Applications : Power station, Petro chemical, High-pressure gas plant, etc.
PTFE-Impregnated ARAMID Fiber Braided Packing
Diagonal braided packing made of ARAMID Fiber (Du pont) impregnated with PTFE-Dispersion, heat-resistance lubricant and inert mineral oil.
Temperature: -100+290
Fluids suitable: Water, Brine, Alkali, Chemicals. etc.
Applications: Pulp & paper mills, High-speed refinery, various chemical pumps ,etc.
Asbestos ZERO Graphite Braided Packing
Diagonal braided packing made of mixed yarn from organic and inorganic fiber, impregnated with graphite and heat-resistance lubricant. Can be used widely for all purpose valves with excellent resistance to the heat, chemicals and flexibility in various fields.
Temperature -50+280
Fluids suitable : Water, oil water, Waste water, etc.
Applications : Various pumps and valves, cement factory, etc.